Monday, August 29, 2011

Golf Tournament

Thanks to Gladys Calder for organizing the ?th annual golf tournament at SPPC.  We met at The Ridge golf course on a beautiful sunny, summer Saturday.  Some admired the huge trout in the pond, others muttered about water hazards.

   If you are wondering how a golf tournament can be part of a church program, let me assure you that it gave us plenty of opportunity to practice the Christian disciplines like "thou shalt not bear false witness", "thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain", "thou shalt not covet" particularly your opponent's good luck.

We divided into teams, men against the women.  The men led off so that the women could admire their style -- or not. 
After nine holes the individual scores were added, then averaged to determine a team score.  At one point it appeared that the women were the winners but a sharp-eyed member of the men's team spotted an error in our arithmetic.  Thus it was that the men had a better score, by one stroke, but when their handicap was figured in, the match was declared a draw.  Cookies and cold drinks completed the tournament.

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