Monday, February 20, 2012

Annual Congregational Meeting

 Sunday we held our Annual Congregational Meeting.  Here our clerk of session, Jean Strong, who also "volunteered" as secretary for the meeting and our minister, Rev. Irwin Cunningham prepare for the business part of the day. 
   But first, we ate.

Acts 2:41-42, in speaking of the first
converts to the church says they
devoted themselves to the apostles'
teaching and fellowship, to the
breaking of bread and the prayers.

At SPPC, we do the breaking bread part very well. 
Apart from an excuse to eat together, the annual meeting gives the congregation an opportunity to review the year that was and to set goals for the year to come.  One often thinks of the budget as the major item in a meeting of this sort but there were reports from over twenty individuals and groups within the church, showing that we are much more than the maintenance of a building and the payment of accounts. 
    We have music (two reports) learning (two reports) mission and outreach (we supported at least 12 different charities, close to home and farther away,) but what came through over and over again in the pages of the annual report, was that we are a community who love one another.  That commitment to love shines through all the work of the congregation whether it be under Pastoral Care, or Fellowship, or our budget allocation to PWS&D.   As one congregant so eloquently put it, "We come to church one day a week to hear the minister talk and the choir sing.  The other six days we are the heart and hands of God."  Amen

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