Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday School Bake Sale

The congregation at SPPC has responded generously to the many appeals for emergency aid throughout the year, so, in a sense, every month is mission month, but it is our tradition to designate February for a special focus on the needs of others.  To that end, the Sunday School held a bake sale on Sunday, Feb. 12, with proceeds to go to the Christian Blind Mission. 

     As the poster in the above picture shows, the hope is to supply The Miracle of Sight!   For $33.00 we can purchase cataract surgery for a father like Isaack.  Removal of his cataracts means he can work again, keep his small farm and maintain his family.  A miracle indeed.

     For $50.00 we can supply a family with two pigs.  The pigs eat vegetable scraps, provide natural fertilizer for the family garden and produce large litters of piglets every year.  In short they provide food and an income that a family, and eventually a whole village,  can depend on.

    $6.00 provides a school toolkit for a blind child, including braille paper, a stylus and slate.  $34.00 purchases a pair of eyeglasses for a child and $15.00 gets a toy for a child with special needs.  Toys like a vibraphone to help children distinguish sounds and colours.

   It appears the children at SPPC will get their wish.  The items listed above come to $138.00.  On Sunday morning the sale had raised $350.25 in cash with more donations to come in cheques and through the envelopes.  What's more, an anonymous donor in the congregation has offered to match money raised through the bake sale.  There will be enough money to meet the wish list with more left over for things like casts and splints($37.00) for children with clubfeet, or to purchase a rooster and two hens ($50.00) for a needy family.  Such precious gifts for the price of a cookie.

    Thanks to the congregation for your generosity and enjoy the cookies.

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