Monday, February 11, 2013


by Alice Valdal 

   Welcome to the first annual Family Day in B.C.  If you're wondering what to do with all your free time, you might like to read SPPC's Annual Report.  It was placed in mailboxes on Sunday, so if you haven't picked yours up yet, hurry on down to the church and get your copy.
    Now, I know annual reports are often considered pretty dry, but this is our church and our congregation so, the reports are really about the members of our family and how they're doing.   I look at the Annual Report as a sort of newsy letter between relatives, the kind of letter that gets passed on and added to and questioned as it makes the rounds.  
     What's happening with Sunday morning coffee?  The answer is in the Annual Report.  How's the health of our Sunday School?  It's in the Annual Report.  Are there opportunities to be more involved?  It's in the Annual Report.  (I'll give you a hint on that one.  There are always opportunities to be involved.)
     One of the recurring themes I've heard in Bible Study is, "if it's there, there's a reason."  So, I've had to give up my tendency to skip over long lists  -- "the begats", for example, are more than just a list of names for our tongues to trip over.  So, using that principle, I curbed my impulse to skip the pages of names and telephone numbers and read the real meat in the committee reports.  I spent some time studying the "responsibilities listing" and, sure enough, I learned something.  I learned that Session has ten committees.  I learned that the same names show up in several places.  I learned that the Presbyterian Record is listed under Christian Education.  I learned that we have a "Nurture and Fellowship" responsibility and under that umbrella is everything from genealogy to the Sunshine Lunch to the Compassionate Warehouse.  I learned that I don't know nearly enough about our Mission and Outreach Ministries.  All that just from reading page 8 of our Annual Report.  Imagine what else I can glean from our family letter.
    So, happy Family Day and enjoy a good read!


P.S.:  The annual Congregational Meeting will be held on Sunday, Feb.24 following worship and lunch.  Child Care available.


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