Monday, February 25, 2013


    Today, I'm interviewing Norma Scott, one of our congregation's most devoted workers and a member of Session.  She is the alternate representative elder for SPPC to the Vancouver Island Presbytery.  Presently the position of Representative elder is vacant, so Norma attends each Presbytery meeting.  Through session, she is involved in Christian Education, Mission and Outreach, Pastoral Care and Sunday School.

   Those are just her official committees.  It seems to me that every time there is an event of any sort at SPPC, we'll see Norma helping out.  Norma's dedication is indeed,  a blessing to our congregation.

  Blog Interview

1. What made you choose SPPC?
   I grew up in the Church of Scotland, so when I moved to the                Saanich Peninsula in the mid 1980s, I looked for a Presbyterian church and found Saint Andrew's North in Sidney.

2. You seem to be a volunteer extraordinaire.  What compels you to be so involved?  What rewards do you see?  
    I am involved at church because I believe that God calls us to be in service for Him. I serve on the SPPC session, Sunday school, missions and pastoral care committees. All of this work is done in teams. The reward for this work is in completing the task successfully and honouring God. I also enjoy spiritual growth as we overcome difficulties and challenges.

3. What sacrifices do you make?
    In regards to personal sacrifices, making a difference takes time and effort, but God rewards us in many ways.

4. What is your dream for SPPC for the next five years?
    My hope for the future at SPPC is that we become a viable, praying and growing church, centered on God and seeking His will and direction. Also that we are active and reaching into the community.

5. Twenty-five years?
     Further into the future, that the church is still continuing to pray and believe in revival and is fruitfully serving and impacting the next generation. 

Thank you Norma for answering my questions and for your service to God and to the congregation at SPPC.

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