Monday, March 4, 2013


by Edna Kirk

     When you think of missions what springs to mind? Often we think of missionaries leaving their homeland to go other countries. But recently I was made to stop and think more about this, and to revise my ideas, when I saw the page entitled :
 “Together, we are making mission and ministry happen” This was in the January copy of the Presbyterian Record and there was a chart showing that our churches across Canada worship in 20 languages! There are services in Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Hungarian, Mandarin just to name a few. But Efik,Ga,Twi,Urdu?
(If you don’t recognize the names of some of these languages then you would learn a lot more about our immigrants by looking them up) 
    There are also services using some of our First Nations languages – Cree and Ojibwe being two.
    We often hear in the news about people who come from other countries and commit crimes but how often do we  hear about those who come and make homes, work hard, become good citizens and are Presbyterians? 
    We talk of declining membership in English-speaking churches but many of our ethnic churches put us to shame with their increasing memberships and their enthusiastic services.
    God does work in wonderful ways
 “ to reach out to others and share the good news, in the name of Christ”

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