Monday, September 8, 2014

Change of Season

September is upon us and, despite the school closures in the public system, life is moving from the relaxed pace of summer to the more routine days of fall.  
    The Saanich Fair is a great transition landmark, showcasing the best of summer's bounty and sending us off to a new term.  As usual, I enjoyed the Fair and found this gem tacked to the wall in the Junior's section. 

Yes, that is Rebekah's name on the entry tag and that is a first prize ribbon attached.  

And this is the poem that won her first prize.  Congratulations, Rebekah.
I saw other winners from the Cunningham family, too.  Theirs has been a very busy household.  Oh, and there were some roses with my name on them, too.

    Now, we're on to the new term at SPPC.  The senior choir began rehearsals last week and the Living Flame Choir starts next Sunday. Sunday School classes started yesterday.  We had a commissioning service for the teachers during worship.
      Anna teaches the 6-10 year-olds with help from Joan A.  They are studying Moses, following the Lectionary readings from Exodus.  You may remember that Irwin encouraged the congregation to do those readings too, as an aid to Sunday worship.  See, adults are in school too.
     Norma will continue to follow the DiscipleLand Curriculum begun last year with the middle grade children, ages 11-15.  This year they will focus on the steps to inductive Bible study.  Again, Irwin handed out that assignment to the congregation at the beginning of summer.  In case you've forgotten -
   1.  What does it say?
                  Look for the unexpected
                  Identify key words
                  Who, where, what, when . . .
    2. What does it mean?
                  Look for grammar, parallels, poetry, structure, metaphors,                     context.
    3.  What does it matter?
                  Look for direction, guidance, insight.

   Diane will lead the senior class in a Bible study and with their preparation for the mission trip to the Dominican Republic in March.

    To start off the new term, we held hot dog day in the parking lot after church and invited the neighbourhood.  

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