Monday, September 1, 2014


Matt 5: 14-16 

   Lecturers on church growth like to ask the question, "If your church closed today would anyone notice?"  It's an uncomfortable question.  Our congregations are important and relevant and dear to the hearts of members, but does the outside world take any notice?  Why?  Why not?  What can we do about it?
   A number of churches on the Saanich Peninsula have banded together to work on an answer to that question.  Representatives from four Anglican congregations, one Catholic, one Lutheran, one independent  church and Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church met in the spring to explore ways of working together in the wider community. to share the love of God and Christ, to raise the profile of the Christian church here and to publicise the good works that the churches are already doing.

   Possible future activities include joining pre-established events such as markets, fairs, and parades; creating our own event, perhaps an outdoor worship service in the band shell; a community service.
    A letter will be going out to all nineteen churches on the peninsula inviting them to join with us in this initiative.    
   The venture is named "FaithLink."  The representative from our congregation is Jean Strong, our clerk of session.  If you'd like to participate on the committee or just share some ideas, feel free to talk to Jean about it.
    The influence of the Christian church in our society has waned, but that doesn't mean we give up. 
Luke 13: 20-21

  The theme of Sunday's service was Moses and the burning bush.  Rev. Irwin made the point that a burning bush in the desert was not unheard of.  Heat and aridity did create spontaneous combustion from time to time. What was remarkable about the burning bush described in Exodus 3 was that it burned and was not consumed.  It was an attention getter.  He illustrated his point during the children's story with a blowtorch!  It worked.  We all noticed!  That's what Faithlink is all about.  

Let's get noticed.



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