Monday, January 19, 2015

Volunteer Sunday

   Our church, like most organizations, couldn't exist without the countless number of volunteer hours contributed by members.   Session declared January 11 "volunteer thank you, Sunday," and all volunteers were recognized and given a round of applause.  When Irwin asked anyone who volunteers at the church to stand and be recognized about 90% of the congregation go to its feet so we were really applauding ourselves! Still, it was good to look about and see how many hands are busy with the work of SPPC and our ministry in this community. 
    We had another reason for rejoicing on Sunday.  We have reached our fund-raising goal of $10,000.00 for the mission team that heads to the Dominican Republic in March.  The smiles from the team tell their own story.   Felicity also gave a lovely address from the pulpit explaining her excitement, her trepidation and her gratitude for the congregation's support.

   When the fundraising kicked off with the Strawberry Tea in July, I know there were doubts.  The goal seemed so high, and we are a small congregation, but here we are, at the finish line two months before the trip begins. Of course, we celebrated with cake. 

    We will go ahead with the other fund-raising events, i.e. Bridge luncheon in February and the on-going bottle drive. (The last big collection on January 3 raised over $900.00.) Funds raised from these events will be used to buy school supplies and medicine.   Each of our team members is taking two suitcases on the trip, one with his/her personal belongings, the other filled with items for the school and the medical clinic.
    Thank you to everyone for your financial support and your willing hands.  We ask that you continue to pray for the team members as they prepare for their trip --vaccinations for tropical diseases,  passports and Spanish lessons, just to name a few.  Pray for their safety, their courage, their stamina and the joy they bring to the work.

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