Monday, December 21, 2015

Pageant 2015

This was Pageant Sunday. There is always a special buzz in the church on the day the Sunday School presents the Christmas Pageant.  Whether we have a cast of half a dozen or dozens upon dozens, the excitement is the same.  "Is my crown on straight?"  "Where are my wings?"  "The shepherds have lost a lamb."  "What's frankincense?"  

  Our pageant this year opted for simple.  Diane wrote a script that told the story.  Max and Rebekah narrated.  Our regular Sunday School members acted the parts and we had an import to round out the angel chorus.  Everything a pageant should be.

Arrival of Joseph and Mary and the Babe at the Stable.

 Angels surround the manger.

Followed by the Shepherds.

Then the Magi.
The scene is complete.
The story we know and love is told again and we rejoice.  We kneel with Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem, we marvel with the shepherds, we hear angel choirs and we offer gifts with the wisemen.   Truly, Christmas is here.

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