Monday, December 14, 2015

White Gift Sunday

White Gift Sunday at church this week.  I remember wrapping up cans of tomato soup when I was a kid, so I wondered what was the difference between White Gift Sunday and our regular Food Bank Sunday.  Thanks to Norma for filling me in.
   White gifts are used to pack hampers for shut-ins from our own congregation.  So, that jumbo package of Shredded Wheat isn't suitable here.  Most shut-ins live alone and don't have room to store the family-plus size of anything.  However, if you did drop off one of those super-sized bargains, we'll put it directly into the Food Bank box and it will be most appreciated.
   So, back to white gift.  This is our opportunity to send a Christmas gift to members of the congregation who are no longer able to get out on a regular basis or attend worship services.   A packet of special tea or coffee, some pretty soap or hand cream, chocolates, fancy cookies, even a pair of gloves or a scarf can find their way into a Christmas hamper.  A Christmas card or small book is also welcome.  
   Of course, Christmas isn't the only time we remember shut-ins of the congregation.  They receive regular visits from elders and other congregants.  They are invited to the sunshine lunch (there was one just this past Monday), and our minister keeps in touch.  But Christmas is a special time, and can be lonely for those without close family or good health.  That's where our white gift can make a difference.  A basket of goodies that says, "You are not forgotten, we care about you." There are twenty-two people on our list -- "our" family.  
  Thanks to all who brought mysterious packages wrapped in white paper and thanks to Norma and her team for sorting and re-packing in a Christmas bag.  In the next few days these tokens of friendship and offerings of joy will find their way into the hands and hearts of those we love.  If you receive one, may it brighten your day and bring a smile.  And may we all enjoy the blessings of this holy season.

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