Monday, October 31, 2016


Once again the Parking Lot Club suffered a rain out on Thursday, so we were the indoor Parking Lot Club.  Some watched a movie in the lounge, some played with dolls in the quiet room and the rest turned the hall into a hockey rink.
The action was too fast for my camera but you get the idea.

Everyone enjoyed a spread of Hallowe'en themed snacks.
I loved this "healthy" skeleton.

Many thanks to Felicity and her helpers for putting on such a feast for us all. 

 The Parking Lot Club is a joyful couple of hours on Thursday evenings, 4:30pm - 6:00 pm. that is fun for those who play with a ball and stick and those who cheer them on.  Young or old, please come and enjoy.  You'll meet friendly faces, enthusiastic sportsmen, and a surprising array of goodies.

While you're enjoying your Hallowe'en ghosts and goodies, remember that you are really celebrating the e'en (evening) of All Saints Day.  The really big event is November 1 when the Church honours every saint, known and unknown.  In the New Testament, the word saint (meaning “holy person”) refers not just to people who are unusually virtuous, but to all members of the Christian community, present and past,  On All Saints Day we give glory to God for the ordinary, holy lives of the believers in this and every age, especially those of our own community who have died in the past year. We also pray that we may be counted among the company of the faithful.

Happy Hallowe'en and a Blessed All Saints Day to you all.

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