Monday, October 3, 2016

Church Life

This blog is always looking for new topics to discuss, new programs to present, new people to interview.  But "new" is not really necessary.  At SPPC, we're a community and stuff happens in a community.  So here's a glimpse of life at SPPC over the last week.

Barb and John celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  They shared the occasion with the congregation.  The cake was not only beautiful, it was delicious. 

 Also on Sunday, we led worship at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital.  That's another event that comes around regularly, but each time is different, because the people are different.  This time we sang lots of naval hymns because there was a retired submariner in the congregation.  "Will Your Anchor Hold" was a hit.

  On Thursday night the Parking Lot Club began its weekly schedule.  There was a threat of rain, but it didn't dampen the spirit of the hockey players. 

  Our woods seem like magic to two little girls. 

There was also pizza.  Good thing, since some of us stayed for Choir practice at 7:00 pm.  Barely time to clear up the parking lot, let alone go home for supper and get back again. 

Speaking of Choir practice, it is every Thursday from 7:00 - 8:00 pm.  Larry would love to have more singers join us.  Even if you can't read music but love the sound of choral voices, come talk to him.  Come on a Thursday and give it a try.  We don't bite.

Yesterday we celebrated World Wide Communion.  Bombs and injured children are so far from our peaceful corner of the world, but on World Wide Communion, we celebrate the Lord's Supper with Christians everywhere.  Some will be affluent and safe, like us, others will live in fear, yet we are one in spirit.  We claim "One Faith, One Hope, One Lord."

So, there is a glimpse of a week in the life of Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church.  Perhaps there's something there for you.  We're open every Sunday.

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