Monday, February 6, 2017

Bible Study Resumes

After a hiatus over Christmas and January, the Wednesday Bible Study sessions are back in session.  We've picked up our study of Galations, following a study guide prepared by Jack Kuhatschek.  We're mid-way through the study and on the fourth chapter of Galations.  Anyone who cares to join either the 9:30am group or the 7:30 pm group is welcome.  It doesn't matter if you haven't attended previous sessions.  Each lesson can be understood as a stand alone.

The power of Bible Study is that it is always relevant.  All of Canada has been in shock and mourning after the horrific shootings in a mosque last Sunday.  One of the people who spoke most eloquently to the media was Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard.  Speaking in English he told listeners that we cannot pretend hatred and racism do not exist in our country.  They do, as they do all around the world.  What we must do, is to speak out when we hear someone spouting intolerance and fomenting hate.  That is not easy.  Most of us are non-confrontational.  We'd rather walk away than to take a stand.
   In our Galatians study,  the apostle Paul speaks out against a church and its leaders who have lost their way.  He even challenges Peter.  Angry and disappointed with the church in Galatia, Paul makes no bones about telling them so.  He doesn't duck, or use soft words.  He states flatly that the church and it's leaders have fallen into error.  At the same time, he tells them how much he loves them, how he worries about them, and that he is calling them to account for their own sake.  He wants nothing less for them than eternal life in Christ Jesus.

  As we make our way through the troubled world of our time, I think Sunday's hymn says it all.

Stand up, stand up for Jesus

1 Stand up, stand up for Jesus,                 2 Stand up, stand up for Jesus,
    ye soldiers of the cross!                          the solemn watchword hear.
  Lift high His royal banner.                        if while ye sleep He suffers,
  it must not suffer loss.                              Away with shame and fear
    From victory unto victory                        Where'er ye meet with evil,
     His army He shall lead,                            within you or without,
   till every foe is vanquished,                      charge for the God of battles,
   and Christ is Lord indeed.                          and put the foe to rout.                    

3 Stand up, stand up for Jesus,                 4.  Stand up, stand up for Jesus,
stand in his strength alone;                             the strife will not be long:
the arm of flesh will fail you,                         this day the noise of battle,
ye dare not trust your own.                              the next the victor's song.
Put on the gospel armour,                               To him that overcometh
each piece put on with prayer;                         a crown of life shall be:
when duty calls or danger                              he with the King of glory
be never wanting there.                                  shall reign eternally.

If we stand up for Jesus, we'll stand for our fellowman and we will not let hatred win.

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