Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow Day!

Snow!  Days of it!  In Victoria! In February!  The complaints are loud and long;  stuck cars, missed meetings, cancelled flights, power outages.  The weather this week was definitely not part of any human plan -- unless you were a kid out of school and sliding down a hill on a toboggan.
And yet . . . the snow is beautiful, covering the landscape with purity, hiding the dead flowers, the unsightly garbage, the broken toys.   Beauty is a gift of God.

Storm after storm adds to the snow pack in the mountains, and that means more spring run-off and that means more water in the streams come summer.  

For the past two years we've wrung our hands over the drought, fish dying because the rivers are too low, communities trucking in water as wells and reservoirs dried up.

   Instead of looking at our snow as a nuisance, perhaps we could see it as a gift from God, providing for our physical needs,  filling our winter lives with beauty and wonder and joy and just plain fun.

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