Monday, February 20, 2017

It's a Party

We had a party on Saturday, complete with sandwiches and cake, flowers and balloons.  It was a great party, but one we didn't really want to have.  You see, we were saying good-bye to longtime member, Joan.  She's leaving us for Calgary.  We hate to see her go.

Joan has been involved in many aspects of SPPC.  With John she was active in fellowship events, most notably bus trips to Chemanus Theatre.  

She has been on the Flower Committee, served Easter breakfasts, brought dozens and dozens of cookies and squares to the church, poured the coffee and cleaned up in the kitchen.

She has been part of the Wednesday morning Bible study group since the beginning.  She has contributed to the blog.

But Joan's favourite role, is making music.  As the founding pianist of the Living Flame Choir, she has enriched all of us with her talent, her patience and her willingness to practice, practice, practice.

Because of that, the choir was able to stage several musicals, with Joan keeping us all on track from the keyboard.  We enticed her onto stage for the cast pictures, but her preferred position was at the piano.  
That is our enduring image of Joan, friend, colleague, good sport, and lover of music.

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