Monday, May 8, 2017

10th Anniversary

  On Sunday, after service, eighty people attended a luncheon to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Irwin's call to Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church.  
   Afterwards, I browsed through my photos of those ten years and realized that the congregation had really lucked out.  We got Irwin and his family.  I also discovered that I have many, many more pictures of his children than of Irwin.  They are very photogenic!  Here they are at Christmas 2007

The way they are now! 

Ministry Moments 2007 - 2017

Easter Sunrise Service                                               
Love of music. 
 Recital at Joan's.
 Ten years of
Christmas Pageants

 New session

Interlude at Jonah Man Jazz  

picnic games director

singer/actor in "Spirit of Christmas"
                                                                 Father's Day with Peter  

                                                       Commissioning Mission Team for Dominican Republic                                      f

Offering thanks and good wishes to Elizabeth.

                                                     Learning to use the AED                      (Defibrilator)                                           

Irwin and Erik at farewell party for Joan

                                           Anniversary lunch.

Gifts from the congregation.

Noel says "a few words."

                                            The family.

Years is a big frame, hard to catch hold of, but the moments in those ten years are soul-deep.  I've included those I'm aware of. I'm sure every member of the congregation can add another moment that was important to him/her.  Thank you for ten years, Irwin -- and family.  We look forward to many more.

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