Monday, May 22, 2017

Busy Day

Last Wednesday was a busy day at SPPC.  Presbytery met. We started a new Bible Study.  We got a new piano.  All in the same day.

Presbytery will have it's own report, but I can tell you the Bible Study was well-attended and interesting.  Rev. Irwin is using a different format this time, we're all in small groups all the time and he leads each one.  We watch a short video, prepared by the Christianity Explored Ministries, then reply to an open-ended question like "What's the best gift God could give you?"  There is no "right" answer but the question provides a jumping-off place for discussion. Another short video presentation, then more discussion, this time using Biblical texts to explore the role of God in our lives.  The study is very different format from what we've done before, but change is good.  Right?

The new piano arrived during Bible Study.  I heard the delivery people playing scales while we looked at Psalm 19.  Later I took the opportunity to try it out myself.  Here's a picture.  Isn't it pretty?

The baby grand is a gift from a generous donor and will enhance our music program.  The most obvious difference is that the music director now faces the choir.  If you've ever sung in a group you know how important that is.  For years the choir has tried to impart a uniform, choral presentation while looking at the director's back!

The piano has a lovely tone which the congregation will surely enjoy, especially once it has been tuned and overhauled. That will be in about a month's time when the instrument has had time to settle into its new environment. 

The upright piano has been moved from the sanctuary to the Ross lounge, so it is still in service to our congregation.  The smaller piano is in the hall for now.  Being on a good trolley means it can be easily moved from one location to another as the need arises.

A grand piano in the sanctuary opens up more opportunities for music in worship and in concert.  An exciting development for our congregation.  Many thanks to our anonymous benefactor.

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