Monday, May 15, 2017


Lots of things to share on this week's blog.  We're starting a new Bible Study for one.  It is called Life Explored and was developed by the same team that presented Christianity Explored, a study done at this church some time ago.  Life Explored uses the Bible story of creation, fall, redemption, new creation to illuminate modern life.
The format is a bit different this time.  The lesson begins with a video presentation, then a time of discussion.  The morning session has been divided in two so that we'll work more in small groups. You can choose either 9:15 am, or 10:30 am, or 7:00 pm. 

Last week's celebration of Irwin's ten years with our congregation inspired a lot of pictures!  I'm sharing some more here.

If you were there, you should be here!

Finally, Bette Dempster of our congregation celebrated her 100th birthday with cake and a visit from some SPPC friends. 

Thanks to Russell and Norma for sharing photographs.

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