Monday, August 27, 2018

Summer Outings at SPPC

by Janet Smith

I was about to attempt to write another  blog for our  church website and as I sat wondering how to pull it together,  I wondered what the Bible had to say about “enjoying one another” as that is what a group of us did again in mid-August.
I looked it up and found that in the New Testament alone there are 59 references to “one another”. To love, give, share, care, forgive, help, pray etc. and so the list goes on.
We have enjoyed some summer outing this year, sharing and fellowshipping with one another.
In  June we went to the Imax and saw the “Mysteries of Egypt”, followed by lunch together.
In July, we had a wonderful Gulf Island Cruise on B.C. Ferries and a few weeks later we took another ferry Cruise, this time we took a return trip to Tsawwassen  and back.

We enjoyed one another's company on the way over, sitting and chatting together and then on the return trip we enjoyed the lunch buffet together.
As we stayed on the ferry, we were first in line to be seated and as scripture says the fist shall be last,(not exactly what the scripture means), we were the last to leave! Yes for an hour and a half we ate, visited and enjoyed sharing with one another. It really was a lovely time spent with people from our church family.

Our summer outings continue into September. On the 18th we are planning a shopping trip to Tsawwassen Mills, leaving on the 9:00 a.m. ferry and returning on the 3:00 p.m. ferry
The last outing that is being planned is to “The Compassionate Warehouse” in Victoria on 12 October.
Our congregation collects supplies for this ministry and so it will be interested to see how and where it goes to and the process for when it leaves the warehouse in Victoria. The warehouse has to limit the size of the groups that visit and so, this visit will be limited to 8-10 people. If more people are interested, we will set up another date to accommodate every one else.
My thanks to those who have supported these outings, I hope you have all enjoyed being a part of and sharing with “one another” on these adventures, it’s been fun.

Ed. note:  Thanks to Janet for sharing these summer outing posts with this blog.

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