Monday, August 13, 2018

Sunday Highlights

It may be the dog days of summer, but we had a lively time at church this week, thanks to the Raven Baroque.  We are  blessed that Larry knows so many musicians who are willing to share their talent with the congregation.
They played the prelude and offertory and postlude and also enlivened the hymns with their accompaniment.  An extra surprise was the addition of violin and woodwind to the solo anthem.
 Our guest minister for the day, Rev. Barbara Young, declared herself well-pleased to be at SPPC on this particular day.

As it's summer, we had creative play for the children.  The session included learning the action song, Zaccheus; a colouring/drawing contest; chalk designs on the parking lot pavement then ended with a vigorous game of hop-scotch. We were a little short of stones for the hop-scotch so we used plum pits.

And speaking of plums, the trees are overflowing.  The congregation was treated to a few flats of purple goodness.

There was a note in the announcements that the Sidney/Lions Food Bank is in need.  This would be a good time for all those with bountiful gardens to contribute some fresh fruit and vegetables.

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