Monday, June 15, 2020

Gowns for the DR

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    As we edge toward a cautious re-opening of the church building for worship, we are finding ways to use the space in service to God. 
      Diane took advantage of the big tables and empty rooms to cut out protective gowns for the clinic in the Dominican Republic. They cannot reopen the clinic -- desperately needed by the local population -- without gowns for the staff. 
       The cost of a single-use gown is nearly ten dollars, so with four people in the clinic, the cost runs up very quickly. By comparison, a car costs around $1000.00. So ten gowns equals one car. There had to be a better way.
        Enter Diane and her sewing machine.

12 gowns, 3 for each staff member

Meanwhile, session met in the hall where there was room for six foot distancing between members. 

There were some tired voices at the end of a long meeting from all that calling across the room, but work was accomplished.
When the meeting ended, elders modelled the gowns Diane had made for the medical clinic supported by SPPC through the House Upon the Rock ministry.

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