Monday, June 1, 2020

Isolation Soup Sale

The link for this week's video service is 
                                                                       When the country went into lockdown, the mission team from SPPC was on the brink of heading down to the Dominican Republic. They were taking supplies and money to build a new house for a woman who had left an abusive relationship. 
Then COVID-19 struck and the trip was cancelled.

The good news is that we could still send money and the house is currently under construction.
The bad news is, we sent the money so now must replenish our coffers for the time when the team is allowed to travel.
The good news is, the congregation loves homemade soup and cottage pie.

Last week Darlene, Diane and Rebekah used got busy in the kitchen. The used--

  • 18 pounds of ground beef
  • 30 pounds of potatoes
  • 2 pounds of butter
  • 12 pounds of carrots
to produce 
  • 69 cartons of carrot soup
  • 74 cottage pies
  • 56 cartons of chicken soup
Word went out and 26 orders were placed from the congregation.

Joan took a list, then provided curbside pickup.B
Barb offered delivery service to those who couldn't come to the church.
Rev. Irwin got to conduct some parking lot visits, 
and our special mission fund got some new funds.  

Everyone needs chocolate brownies. 
We're all learning to adapt to new ways, but, one way or another, the work and mission of the church carries on. 
Well done everyone!
A friendly supervisor
Ed. note:  Thanks to Diane for sharing her pictures and thinking of the blog!
   Speaking of pictures, I only have three of congregants wearing Pentecostal red. Please send in your photos for next week's post. or 

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