Monday, June 8, 2020

Red for Pentecost

Abigail glowing in red

The link for Sunday's worship service is 

Thank you to everyone who sent in a photo of themselves wearing red for Pentecost. In this time of keeping apart, it's great to have this "togetherness."

Some went for red socks too.

Note what's playing on the screen in the corner. 

Family affair.

Thanks, Janet for sharing your pictures and your family.

That shirt!

The shirts didn't make it to the DR but they're great for Pentecost.
Need to perfect that selfie technique, ladies. One's too high and one's too low! Guess that makes them just right.

My good neighbour

The pictures are fun, but why red for Pentecost?

According to a study from Western Oregon University on symbolism in Christianity, "Red Signifies action, fire, charity, spiritual awakening. It also glorifies the sun and the joy of life and love. In Christian symbolism, it denotes the Holy Spirit." 
Not Pentecost Sunday, but all that red denotes "joy of life" as friends celebrate Barb C.'s 103rd birthday in a socially distant manner.

In this very strange spring I feel as though I've missed the burgeoning of new life associated with the season. At a time when we expect to embrace the world we've been withdrawing, hunkering down, refusing hospitality to guests.
be kind, be calm, be safe over a red heart

Apparently I'm not the only one who feels life is topsy-turvey. The CBC has launched its Hello Spring Initiative so that Canadians can experience spring in nature from the safety of their own homes.

I'm grateful for the clips on CBC and I'm enjoying watching spring from my own backyard. Pentecost and red shirts remind us that the Holy Spirit is present in all seasons of life. It is not shut down by a virus, or persecution, or closed buildings. Those tongues of fire burn and leap through joy and hope, through hardship and adversity. Thanks be to God that we have our advocate, comforter, counsellor, helper and friend to see us through these troubled times.     

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