Monday, July 13, 2020

Keeping in Touch

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Today's blog is snippets of news from our church family.

Up until now SPPC is the only Presbyterian Church on the lower Island that is open for in-person meetings. So, it was only natural that Presbytery met there last week. Our wide open space was so appealing to the minister from the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Victoria, that he asked for help in setting up his own church. As Darlene and Joan had done research with public health and work safe for our opening, they agreed to go and help. Nice they can put their knowledge to work for others.

On Sunday, Gladys looked years younger. What's her secret? She has solved the "home alone" dilemma and adopted a cat!

I was very fortunate to be the chosen "match" for my 10 year old fluffy black girl.  Her given name is Jasmine, I wanted to call her Rosey, but Rosy suits her personality, so it's Rosy Jasmine (first and last names).  She's my shadow!     Meow, Gladys
Darlene has left the city behind and is now enjoying life in a country cottage. There is a fenced backyard for the dog, and room for a garden. The landlord has chickens that lay blue-shelled eggs and a rooster who crows. (The cottage walls are thick enough his boasting doesn't wake Darlene in the morning.)
In the field next door are 13 horses. 

All is a pastoral idyll.   Until . . .

Darlene decided to cut her own lawn. She purchased a small, battery operated mower and set to work with high hopes. The mower ran for ten feet then stopped. After it had rested, she restarted it and cut another ten feet. It stopped. Six hours later she had mowed the lawn, but not bagged the clippings and was headed back to Home Depot to change the mower for a gas-powered model.
A Toro at half-price seemed the perfect solution. Back out to the farm in Joan's car. (Darlene's is too small for a mower in the back.) Wrestled the mower out of the car, checked the oil, filled the gas tank, cleaned the spark plug then yanked on the cord, and yanked and yanked and yanked. Back to Home Depot, with Joan laughing the whole way. 
On to Canadian Tire to buy a Honda. More struggles to get it out of the car in the pouring rain. Ended up on the landlord's porch. Eventually pushed mower to own yard, added gas, oil, checked the spark plug and yanked on the cord. No start. Yank. No start. Finally asked the landlord for assistance. He yanked the cord and the machine started. It did a fine job of cutting the grass. 
Apparently our Darlene is exceptionally short and can't get enough spin on the crankshaft when she pulls the cord to actually start the motor. So now, she stands on the step, pulls the cord with extra leverage, then races around to catch the mower before it takes off without her. 
She reports that the handle, at its lowest setting catches her just under the chin. For some reason, she didn't send me a picture of that. 
Stay tuned for when she buys a trimmer.

When not cutting grass or weed-eating at the church, Tore has been messing around with his boat. Had it out of the water this week to replace the zinc blocks and do a little touch-up painting.


Until we can exchange our news over a cup of coffee on Sunday morning, we'll have to do it this way. If you have something to share, please send it to the office, 
marked "for the blog," and I'll be happy to share it in this space.

Meanwhile, follow Dr. Henry's advice, be calm, be kind, be safe, or listen to the apostle Peter "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."    1 Peter 5:7

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