Monday, July 20, 2020

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While the COVID 19 restrictions have been difficult for everyone, those in communal living situations have had extra challenges. For example, a prime reason to move into these types of facilities is for more community engagement. Kay took up residence in The Peninsula for just that reason. She was tired of eating alone. Three days after moving in, the dining room was shut down and she spent three months eating along in her room!
Life is better now as restrictions ease. The facility has made adjustments so that residents can dine together, two to a table, six feet apart. Since Kay is assigned to a certain table with a certain tablemate, it's a good thing they are friends. In fact, her tablemate is a neighbour from her previous residence so that has worked well. There are still no visitors allowed into the building, but there is a patio where outdoor visits can take place. Kay is also able to walk over to the rose garden beside the library and enjoy a chat with friends and admire the lovely surroundings. Medical appointments outside the building are now allowed too, so Kay can go to her physio appointments.

Despite the restrictions, Kay is very happy with her move. She says getting groceries and managing by herself during the province-wide shutdown would have been much more difficult than staying in her room while someone else looked after all that daily living stuff. 
She is enjoying the church services over youtube--and keeps up with the congregation via this blog. She's happy to chat on the phone, or would be glad to walk around the rose garden with "safe" visitors.


All the rainy weather has kept the tomatoes from ripening, but the weeds have loved it--especially the weeds in the Garden of Remembrance.
Linda has decided to take a hand. She has dedicated the time that would have been used for our Bible study, to clearing out the chickweed and rediscovering the flowers. One corner at a time, she's making a difference. The result is lovely. Thanks, Linda. 

The weeds are gone
ornamental grasses rescued and transplanted


My electric bike (E-Bike)  
                                                        by Brian Altenkirk

I have always had a passion for cycling.
Growing up in South Africa, I was able to ride to school summer and winter all year long. Even when I went to Medical school in Pretoria I rode to classes every day.
I have cycle toured with light weight camping equipment in Canada, Mexico, Chile and Japan.
Wherever I have been, I have met hospitable people when I needed some form of help.
More recently due to ageing and health my feet have been sending me a message that some help in cycling would be a good idea. I have always enjoyed the challenge of getting up every hill I could find without getting off the bike as well as simply being out early in the morning.
Now the E-Bike helps and the challenge has shifted more into how far I can go on a single charge of the battery.
I am never happier that when I am on the saddle and pedalling the open road or trail.
As the saying goes, ``Keep pedalling or the bike will fall over``.

Ed. Note: At the time Meta sent this picture, Brian was off to the Brentwood-Mill Bay ferry en route to Duncan. 

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