Monday, August 3, 2020

Cheerful Things

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As the pandemic wears on, tempers are wearing thin and patience is wearing out. We can all cite instances of mask rage in the grocery store, rudeness on the street, and scoff-laws at the beach. It makes for a heavy-hearted summer.

So, as an antidote, I bring you a few cheerful things.
The perfect symmetry and brilliant colour of the rose pictured above should lift your spirits. Who can gaze on such beauty and remain glum?
Or a sleeping cat. Isn't she the picture of innocence? No matter how naughty she has been, my heart melts when I see her, so relaxed, so trusting, so sure she "has a right to be here."
For celebration this week, we have a 50th wedding anniversary. Rosemary and Reynold are celebrating that milestone. Another bit of cheerful news is that they have been able to move back to Rest Haven Lodge in Sidney. 


The bad news is our mission team was unable to travel to the Domincan Republic in March. The good news is, that money is not quarantined.
Here are pictures of the house that was funded by the money that would have been spent on airfare. This is the dwelling our team had expected to work on, providing a home for a mother leaving an abusive relationship. Our people had to stay home, but the work went ahead and  a woman in need has a house to call home.


And speaking of the DR, the Valdal garden has been generous with zucchini this year, so this bundle was donated to SPPC.  It will make soup, cakes, quiche, jam--
 whatever the cooks decide-- for the next fund-raising soup sale.
These sales serve two purposes. They provide tasty, nourishing food for members of the congregation and generate income for our special missions. The House Upon the Rock Ministry in the Dominican Republic is a major beneficiary of these funds.

If you are missing live music, Larry's group, Raven Baroque is offering a free outdoor concert on Aug. 3. -- Covid Rules apply. See poster 
Another performance will take place on Larry's front lawn on Aug.5, 6:00 pm. Call 250 652-5015 for more details.
If you have cheerful things, or not so cheerful things, to share on this blog, please let me know. The best way to keep the blues at bay is to connect, even if it's from a distance.

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