Monday, August 17, 2020

"Different" Things

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Harold and Hazel had a celebratory week. Hazel had a birthday and together they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. I'm really sorry we can't have a cake and sing happy birthday, but I hope Harold and Hazel had a lovely week.

There are two concerts planned for SPPC. 
  • Raven Baroque on Aug. 28 at 7:00 pm. 
  • Die Mahler Group on Sept. 4 at 6:00 pm.
All Covid protocols apply, including a maximum of 50 people inside.
  • Die Mahler will also host a concert on Larry's lawn on Aug. 21 and 28.

Travelling in “Covid times” 
by Roy and Dorothy

In February, which seems such a long time ago now, we were in Southern California in our RV, enjoying the scenery and the warmer climate in the Coachella valley. The news about the “corona virus” from WHO was a little worrying but seemed, at that time, a long way from California. Gradually, concerns accelerated and it soon became clear that, despite denials from politicians in several countries, this was bad news, bad news that would not go away. In March, international borders were slammed shut, and insurance companies urged policy holders to head home as they would no longer be covered for Covid-19 illness. So ended our trip, and we headed home.
Our border crossing was the fastest ever; we were the only vehicle in line. However, we were unable to change our well established practice of choosing the slowest line, surely a first!

Usually, in the summer we are privileged to enjoy having our daughter, Julie, and family spend time with us. Our summer plans for 2020 were drastically changed and we greatly missed all the activity involved with five grand-kids. How quiet life seemed in comparison to previous summers!

In June, we decided that it was time to take an RV trip to Jasper and Banff, which we had visited some forty year ago, when our kids were little. In our previous visit to the Rockies from Ontario, the drive was quite an adventure, but that is another story.

In Banff, we could only get a reservation in the national park for one night. The park was not as busy as we had expected and covid precautions were evident. In the town, mask wearing was, at best, 50-50. Restaurants were partially open, some hotels were still closed but there was a fair amount of activity.  As usual, the scenery was magnificent.

We were in awe at the beauty of God’s creation…how wonderful, how marvellous…was our only description, as words are so inadequate.

Our next part of the journey was along the Ice-fields Parkway to Banff, again so inspiring. In Jasper, it seemed that mask wearing was only for older folks, and not many at that. One day, in Jasper we heard police sirens and saw RCMP cars racing along the highway to some accident, we presumed. That evening, we were sad to hear of a serious accident where a vehicle taking tourists to the ice fields had overturned, leading to loss of life and serious injury.  In all the splendour of creation, the human journey of life and death still unfolds.

On returning towards Banff, the campsites were full, so we were assigned to a fairly vacant campground which was unserviced, (no electric or water hook-ups). Interestingly, our next door camper was a lady from Victoria. Next morning, while chatting, we were advised that we shared the campground with others, a mother bear and her cubs. Apparently, earlier in the summer, the bears had visited a camper in the tent one evening, and had demolished the tent in their search for food. Fortunately, the campers, while safe, could only grin and bear their loss! (oops). For that reason only hard sided RVs, but no tents were allowed in this campsite.

On our return journey home, we stopped in Revelstoke where there is a terrific railway museum. This was an excellent museum which told the story of how the railway was built.
It was fascinating, from the stories of financiers, to Scottish and American engineers, and to the various work crews. The last spike where the east coast line met with the west coast line, which was completed a month ahead of time, was driven in Craigellachie, west of Revelstoke. This was an interesting stop in our visit.

When we returned home and reviewed the many photographs of the splendour of mountains, rivers and lakes, the early chapters of Genesis rang loudly in our minds…in the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth…

Roy and Dorothy

Thanks, Roy and Dorothy, for sharing your adventure.

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