Monday, September 28, 2020

Getting Back to Normal

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Getting Back to Normal

(what ever that is!)

After six months away from classes due to COVID-19, Abigail opted to return to school in September. She had missed her friends so much and her teachers.

Grandma had mixed feelings, she now had to get back into a routine, getting up at 7:15 am and being out of the house by 8:25 am each morning! Making breakfast and packing a lunch each day and picking Abigail up at 2:48 pm.

Nevertheless, Grandma was very happy not to having to teach everyday. What an effort that was! Mind you, we completed far more work at home from April to June than Abigail did from October (yes, October as we had a teacher strike in September) to March.

It was a struggle everyday to get Abigail to settle down to work and stay focused on her assignments and during this time she even gained weight as she wasn’t getting out in the playground everyday and so had time to eat lunch! Most school days, the lunch comes home as she is too busy socializing and playing.

Now in grade 3, with her new teacher, she is very happy. Her classroom is opposite her classroom from last year and so she tells us, her grade 2 teacher is her new neighbour!

When we pick her up, we ask how her day was, ‘fine’, is the usual reply. Then what did you do at school today? I don’t remember, comes her next reply. Well what did you learn today? Nothing! So how is she doing?


We are not really sure but she is happy and always ready to get off to school each day for which we are very thankful!

However, this afternoon we do have a TEAMS mtg. with her teacher and so hopefully, she will be able to enlighten us further as to Abigail’s progress and get to meet the teacher.

We are not permitted to enter the school building and so really don’t know what is going on with our children we just continue to pray for their safety and well-being throughout this school year.


Some other thoughts from our clerk of session: 

thought the other day, when the Spanish Flu ended, the 1920's took off! When the 2020's arrived, we celebrated at the church with our 2020 lunch in 1920's style and now look at what's happened?

I think that celebration was the highlight of this year so far!
Then I stopped to think of how thankful I am and how blest we are right here on the Saanich Peninsula. Very few cases of COVID near by, no fires, only smoke, no floods, no hurricanes and no real  disasters, we could be a lot worse off than we are. It's easy for us to say, God is so good, when we live where we do.

 Sometimes mid scenes of deepest gloom,
sometimes where Eden's flowers bloom
by waters calm, o'er troubled sea,
still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me.

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