Monday, September 7, 2020

Miracle of Two Seeds

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I confess that earlier this summer I sneaked onto my neighbour's porch and left a large zucchini at her door. 

This year, I have an abundant crop of that long, green squash. 

Some time ago, Rev. Irwin preached on the parable of the sower. You remember, it is in the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of Mark, and the Gospel of Luke

In the Matthew account, the story ends with " Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. "
I admit to a ho-hum moment. Isn't that the nature of seed? It's planted, it grows, we reap a harvest. But the sermon went on to explain that in modern agriculture our yields are much higher than they were in Jesus' time. We expect a 300 fold or more harvest from a seed of wheat. In Jesus' time a farmer might expect a 10 fold increase, or less. My ho-hum moment turned into "wow!"

When I look at yet another monster zucchini lurking under a leaf, my initial reaction may be one of dismay, but then I recall that sermon and my groan turns to praise. This year I have two plants, that is two seeds. 

I have harvested about 60 zucchini, some salad size, some the green monsters.
My freezer is full. I've given away boxes and boxes of them. We've eaten them raw, fried, boiled, roasted, broiled, baked in a cake, with hamburger, and au gratin. 
I've chopped, shredded and sliced. I've made soup, loaves, marmalade, and quiche. I've gotten rather tired of zucchini.

But then I remember that sermon and I marvel at the pounds and pounds of harvest produced by my two seeds. My zucchini is a miracle.

To get back to the parable, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could sew two seeds of the Gospel and receive a yield as generous as my zucchini?
Have I sewn those two seeds? Have you? Could we plant more?

Praise God from whom all blessings flow -- even giant zucchinis.

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