Monday, February 1, 2016

MSMS Team, part 2

by Linda Cliff

On January 16th the SPPC study team met with the five other congregational teams to explore the findings of the facilitator, Bill Lawser, and to learn how to go forward with the information that had been gathered.

As expected all of the congregations present where wanting to look at how:  
              to grow,  
              to define the scope of the problem, 
              to decide if there was a problem and 
              to develop next steps so that our congregations are vital and relevant.

Reverend Lawser began by having the participants look at the purpose of the church.  We looked at the last story in Matthew’s Gospel--The Great Commission.   Jesus asks his disciples to: 
              Make Disciples, 
             Teach and
             Fear not.  

We then looked at The Great Commandment--to love God totally and to love your neighbour as yourself.  All present felt that this should be the guiding principles for our discussions.

As a group we continued to work through how to take inventory of our congregations, how to ask and how not ask questions, how to notice what is happening and how to pay attention.  We also looked at conversations.  Transformation occurs through choice and we are being invited to create an alternative future.  Reverend Lawser provided feedback on the strengths and challenges of the six churches.  The afternoon session was largely inspirational in nature, attempting to show and inspire opportunities and illustrate “leadership styles and influences.”

So…..what does this mean to YOU, a member of the congregation of Believers at SPPC?  We hope it means that you will accept the invitation to take part in the discussions that will be occurring over the next weeks.  The first opportunity will be on February 18 time to be announced where a focus group will be held to look at some questions that will help us to go forward in this process.  The forum will be repeated on March 3.  If you are unable to attend these forums you can submit your thoughts about the questions being asked to any member of the Study team.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Submitted by Linda Cliff 

Members of the Study Team include: Rev Irwin, Roy Napier, Norma Scott

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