Monday, February 15, 2016


Valentine's Day fell on Sunday this year and SPPC celebrated  -- not young love, although there was a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary -- but agape.  Since our preferred expression of love is to break bread together, we held a newcomers pot luck lunch after service.  

A newcomers event used to be an annual happening at SPPC but somewhere in the past few years it got lost.  
That made Sunday's event lots of fun as we weren't sure who should be categorized as "new."  Some of our "new" members have attended for a couple of years or more, some for only a few Sundays.  No matter, all were invited to fill up at the food table, and some, who were definitely new got a rose corsage.

In addition to the time of fellowship, there were some useful pamphlets distributed.  "Who's who? at SPPC" is a handy reference for newcomer and old-timer alike.  Some ministry's in the church are obvious -- Larry is our organist and choir director, Irwin is our preacher and Josh hangs out on the PA system most Sundays.  But what about Mission and Outreach?  Nurture? Finance and Property?  Members of those committees change from time to time so it's nice to have a list -- with phone numbers! I'm sure there are activities not covered by the brochure, Camp Imodene for example, but it's nice to have a quick guide to the common activities at SPPC.

There was also a leaflet on weekday groups in the congregation.  Bible Study, Prayer Group, Saanich Peninsula Hospital Services, Friendship Coffee, Choirs, Compassionate Resource Warehouse, Grief and Recovery Group, Genealogy Group and The Sunshine Lunch, to list some, but not all the opportunities for service and friendship at SPPC.  The number of activities made me catch my breath.  We are a very active congregation!

Thanks to the fellowship committee, especially Janet Smith,  for organizing the lunch.  Thanks to those who brought food and thanks to those who ate it.  Special welcome to those who came for the first time and to those faithful members who come Sunday after Sunday, year after year.  

As the anthem says, "Many gifts, One Spirit."  May we all, new and established, seeker and settler, share our gifts and give thanks to the Spirit who blesses our fellowship with His love.

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  1. Wow! What a great report, thankyou Alice.