Monday, April 2, 2012

Hospital Worship Service

     Last Sunday, SPPC took its turn at providing a worship service at Saanich Peninsula Hospital.
      Saan Pen hospital is a dearly loved institution in our community.  Countless people, including many from our congregation, volunteer hours and hours of service there, from running the library cart, to visiting in extended care to working in the gift shop.  As a church, we offer our unique worship service on a Sunday afternoon, every couple of months.  Other Sunday services are conducted by other churches from the peninsula.
   I don't know what happens at other services, but the one conducted by SPPC features lots and lots of music.  Old time favourites sung with gusto.   There is an adage on my wall that says "where words fail, music speaks."  The old hymns we sing at Saan Pen touch a well-spring in minds and bodies that often cannot respond to anything else. 
    One would think, that in a place where folk are nearing the end of their earthly life, hymns about death would be depressing, yet when we swing into "When the Roll is Called up Yonder" I see smiles and toe tapping.  "Blessed Assurance" is just that, assurance, a "foretaste of glory divine," and I wonder if there are old sailors in the group for "Will Your Anchor Hold" is a great favourite.   We have scripture too, prayers, and a short sermon, -- no collection, -- yet the music is what resonates most.   
     If you've ever considered hospital visiting, but weren't sure, come along to our next worship service, May 27, 2:30pm. in the the new chapel.  You'll find it cheerful and moving.

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