Monday, April 16, 2012

World Day of Prayer

  Report from Elizabeth Small

The World Day of Prayer service was held at SPPC on March2, 2012.  This year, it came from Malaysia. 

   The Sidney area had the opportunity to learn more about this country and its unique culture and heritage.  At the same time we joined Christians in more than 10 countries around the world and 2000 communities across Canada who gathered to pray.

   The planning committee was made up of representatives from eight congregations in this area.  The denominations involved were Lutheran, Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United and Seventh Day Adventist.  The service was written for all people by women of various denominations from Malaysia, and we were encouraged through their words to reflect on their culture, people and religions.  The theme chosen for this year was "Let Justice Prevail."
   The service convener was Elizabeth Small with assistance from co-convener, Edna Kirk.  The welcome was read by Bin-Sie Soh.  Our speaker was Rev. Ruth McCowan and Michael Denton and the choir of SPPC provided the music.

     Bin-Sie is from Malaysia and she led us in the introduction and greetings using their language to say Selamat Datang, meaning peace and welcome.  She displayed several items of Malaysian clothing, some of which had been worn by her mother.  Family photos and other memorabilia from Malaysia were on display, these were supplied by another one of our congregation whose son is married to a woman from Malaysia.
      Rev. Ruth McCowan, spoke on how women were treated in Biblical times and brought us through the years to the present time, pointing out that in many countries women on their own still live in very difficult circumstances.

        Before the service began, we played music from the CD "2012 Malaysia" then, during the offertory the choir sang the theme song, "Let Justice Prevail," written for this worship service.

         In all, 87 people attended and $754.48 was received in offerings.  Participating congregations were St. Paul's United, Peace Lutheran, St. Andrew's Anglican, Resthaven Seventh Day Adventist, Holy Trinity Anglican, St. John's United, St. Elizabeth's Roman Catholic and SPPC.

    As for any event hosted by this congregation, there was a reception, featuring mouth-watering goodies, in the hall following the service.

   The World Day of Prayer 2012 was dedicated to the Glory of God.  A permanent record will go on file at St. Elizabeth's Roman Catholic Church.

Editor's Note:  Elizabeth's prayers were answered even before the day of the service.  Mary Hampson had worked with her for many years to organize this service, but Mary was unable to participate in 2012.  While Elizabeth was still pondering her options, Edna Kirk stepped forward to fill the gap.

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