Monday, November 6, 2017

Happy Feet

Lots of us like to go barefoot in warm weather, but when the temperature dips, a pair of warm socks makes us warm and cozy, ready to snuggle down for the cold months.  Apart from the comfort aspect of socks, they fulfil other functions. Sock manufacturers cite the following:

  • Terry cushion sole for added comfort and shock absorption.
  • Accepted by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association
  • Ultra-Fresh treatment to resist the growth of odour causing bacteria.
  • Non-binding cuff for free circulation. 
  • Soft non-binding cotton terry cuff for support and added comfort. 
  • Smooth toe seam. 
  • it’s a lot easier to keep your feet healthy, than to fix them once they start to hurt.
Most of us take socks for granted.  We might spend some time pondering the colour and style but the "if" of socks is not a problem.  Except, for some, it is. 
Members of our community who live on the street don't care about colour and pattern so much.  They just want their feet to be warm and dry.
Enter, warm-toes.  For the month of October, SPPC has been collecting new socks, stuffing them with small toiletries and filling baskets and bags with the result.  On Sunday, those offerings were dedicated to God and the service of our neighbours.  This week they'll be delivered to The Mustard Seed for distribution.
Next time you snuggle your toes in a pair of soft, warm, everyday socks, count your blessings and give thanks.  

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