Monday, November 27, 2017

What's Happening?

There were no big events at the church this past week, but over the past little while, there have been a number of small things worth celebrating. 

  • We have two new members in the choir.  Ruth sings tenor and Diane is an alto.  We are delighted to welcome them.  The alto and tenor parts have been underpowered for some time.  It is wonderful to hear those inner voices rounding out the sound of the choir.

  • There has been birthday cake. 

  • We're gearing up to send another team to the Dominican Republic.  There was a silent auction last Saturday and Soup and pie orders were delivered after worship this Sunday

  • SPPC led the worship service at Saanich Peninsula Hospital on Sunday. 

  • Today a group is meeting at the church to start on Christmas decorations.  Yes, already!

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