Monday, November 20, 2017

Teddy Bear Love

If love were measured in teddy bears, our Hazel would be overflowing. For the past many years she has knit these toys of comfort for children in troubled parts of the world.  To date, she has completed more than 1700 or them.
If she ever considered slowing down, she can't.  Her sister sent her 72 balls of yarn from the UK.  No quitting until they are all used up.

Hazel began with a pattern from Melody--the lady responsible for getting this congregations knitting cotton squares at Friendship Coffee.  SPPC has sent thousands of those squares to third world countries.  For Hazel, the teddy bears proved to be her passion.  

The bears are completely knitted, including the eyes and buttons on the overalls.  Hazel reminded me that sew-on ornaments can be pulled off and become a choking hazard for very young children.  So, her creations are not only charming and cuddly.  They are safe as well.

She can knit one a day.  When the knitting is complete, she sets them aside for stuffing at a later date.  Blanche "finds" the stuffing and passes it on.  Hazel says she wouldn't be able to contribute all those teddies if it weren't for Blanche supplying the stuffing.
  And speaking of Blanche, she can't even count the dozens of shortbread cookies she has made for the church, but we all recognize her offering on the dessert table.

   Blanche has been baking since she was 4.

   Back to the teddy bears.  When Hazel has completed a goodly number, they are packed into a Compassionate Warehouse container and sent into the world to bring smiles to needy children. Then she settles down to knit up the next batch.
   For a change of pace, she once knitted up a complete Nativity Scene, but usually her needles are busy with teddy bears.
To see Hazel in action, come to Friendship Coffee in the lounge at 10:00 am on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.  You'll meet Hazel and Blanche and a whole bunch of knitters and talkers.  They'll welcome you in, offer you a cup of coffee and maybe share a pattern or two.

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