Monday, May 7, 2018

Book Review by Linda Cliff

Confessions of a Prayer Slacker
By Diane Moody

This book was a new venture for me in that I got the book as a free download from the internet.  This did make me wonder if the book would be worth reading since it is “free”.  The good news is you too can download the book from the net because the book is well worth reading!

I have to admit that at the start of this book, I really thought the author came off as a little too casual and flippant for my tastes. I thought I would not like this at all. However, after persevering, I found much that was helpful, in spite of her writing style. I was reminded how important it is to carve out of our busy and distracting days, a special time of devotion. I was challenged to not neglect my personal time of prayer and conversation with the Lord.

Early in the book the author asks the question “just how badly do you want to spend time with God in prayer” I found that this question helped me to change my attitude to subsequent chapters.  If you are serious about spending time in prayer then the "how to" information about setting up a prayer journal and how we can set aside time for prayer will be helpful.  I found the chapters “When God is Silent” and “Prayerlessness” interesting as the topics were discussed in a way that was easy to relate to. 

Moody uses Bible references and references from other Christian authors to illustrate her points witch stimulated my interest in doing some further reading.    She was also very open and honest in sharing her own successes and failures in her pursuit of prayer.  This helped to make the book feel more like a conversation with a friend rather than a "how to" book that had to be followed to the letter.

Well, the book has made a difference to my prayer life.  The biggest take away for me was about finding and taking the time for a regular prayer life, and understanding that this is time spent with God;  time for me to learn more about Him, to grow in His love and to develop a personal relationship with my God and Saviour. 

Good read and only a download away!

Linda Cliff

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