Monday, May 28, 2018

Read the Instructions

by Linda Cliff

During a recent sermon the minister stated "when in doubt, read the instructions.”  This comment really resonated with me.  If you have been reading this blog you know that I have promised my friend to write one blog a month for her.  This was to be her birthday gift for 2018.  Since I need something to write about I realized I have been reading the instructions and as a result I feel blessed.

I thought I would share with you how easy this has been and maybe you too will take up the challenge. 

  • Bible App on your ipad or any hand held device. My husband and I travel so packing books can be a challenge.  The Bible app goes with you easily and also gives you a selection of reading plans. 

I am now following a "read through the Bible in a year" plan which tracks your progress and encourages you to keep going.

  • The Bible Project:  if you find reading a chore or want to enhance your Bible reading I suggest you look at their web site.  The developers have made videos on the individual books of the bible and themes of the Bible.  I use these videos along with my read through the Bible in a year plan.  When I start a new Bible book I watch the video to get an idea of what I am about to read.  I find this enhances my understanding.
  • Group Bible Study: meeting with others gives you an opportunity to discuss and share your ideas of what you are learning.  Also you meet new friends! Wednesdays at SPPC, 9:30 am or 7:00 pm.
  • Read a Book:  search your church library, the public library or go on line.  I discovered the books of Diane Moody and was able to download her books for free!  Once you go to one web site you will be directed to other sites.
  • Pray:  you can start simple by praying the Lords Prayer.  I found by doing this more than once a day it became something I wanted and needed to do.
  • Challenge yourself:  writing a blog for my friend is a real stretch.  I do not like to write.  I was the person who left her essays to the last minute.  But, I am now being blessed by the reading I do each month. What will be your challenge.
  • Find a Church:  yes there is a congregation that will meet your needs.  Go looking you will be surprised.

Since January I have been reading the instructions! The points I have mentioned were always available to me but the difference is that I am doing them.  Spending time with God however you chose to do so will enrich your life and your walk with Him.

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