Monday, May 14, 2018

Newcomers Lunch


We found another excuse to have cake after church -- actually, we had a whole hot lunch. 

   The occasion was to welcome newcomers and to thank volunteers.  Of course, we welcome newcomers any time, but now and again, the fellowship committee likes to offer a corporate welcome,  That's what happened last Sunday.

    As for the volunteers . . . they made the lunch!  The church, indeed the whole of society, cannot function without those who give of their time and talent.  At SPPC we have people who make coffee, do dishes, cut the grass, visit the sick, bring flowers, sing in the choir, keep the books, count the collection, run the sound
system . . .  Just off the top of her head, our clerk of session (another volunteer) made a list of thirty-six functions filled by volunteers.  She said she was sure there was more and there is.  She left off the blog, and I'm enormously grateful to anyone who contributes, as a volunteer, to this page. 
This year Linda has blessed us with her book reviews every month.  Her offering started as a birthday present to me, but everyone, including Linda, has benefited from her gift. 

   That's the way it is with volunteering.  Most often the one who benefits most is the volunteer him/herself.  I hope our newcomers will soon feel at home and ready to share their gifts with the "oldcomers."  Then our congregation will grow in spirit as well as numbers.

   Welcome everyone, and thank you.

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