Monday, March 23, 2020

No Church

This blog is about Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church and the happenings there. Since COVID 19 has dictated that nothing is happening at church, not even regular worship, I'm a bit stumped as to what to put in this post. But here are a few things I can share.

While corporate worship is cancelled at the moment, worship with our minister is not. Rev. Irwin put together a short youtube presentation to share with the congregation this morning  
It's his first attempt at going digital but I think he did well. Keep watching our website for more tools to connect with him and each other. 
Of course, I think we must have music at worship, and other times. The CBC has a wealth of content at Here is the link to their choral music stream.

During "social distancing" people can get anxious and feel isolated. Pets are often our best companions at such times. In case you don't have a pet, I'll share some pictures of my cats for your comfort. 
Chloe relaxing after a tough morning of chasing a string

Take a leaf from her book and enjoy your extra leisure time.

Callie in the sunshine

Callie knows how to enjoy this warm spring weather. You can too. There's no rule against enjoying fresh air.

There is no rule against beauty, either. I'll share some flower pictures to brighten your day. 

These are simple, old-fashioned primula sharing their sunny faces. Look out your window and you may see daffodils or flowering trees. 

In times of distress, we all need hope. Here is my hopeful outlook, tomato seeds sprouted on the windowsill. Summer will come. 

We will gather as a community again. Until then, use the telephone--a friendly voice can perk up someone's day. 
Yell at the neighbours -- ask how they're doing, from a safe distance.
Trust in the Lord. 

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