Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Virtual Church

 Welcome to our second week of virtual church. It feels odd to wander into the living room with a cup of coffee at 10:00 am on Sunday, but at least we can watch (on youtube) a service, with Rev. Irwin. Here is the link to the latest. https://youtu.be/oUNlEI8TiB8
I hope you sang!

Since the building is closed, there's not much to report there, although I've heard that one of our keen volunteers has taken the opportunity of an empty building to do some deep cleaning. She is scrubbing the grout in the ladies bathroom. Every cloud, eh?

In the category of “old dogs new tricks” Session is now holding virtual meetings on “zoom”. Not the same as sitting around a table but at least participants can see faces and hear voices.

One of the things I miss most is Bible Study.  We were in the middle of a Nooma series when gatherings were cancelled. We had watched number 12 of 24. The videos are available on line. Number 13, Rich, is here. The only problem with just watching is we can’t argue. 😊

Previously we did a survey course with Mark Strauss, and John Walton. They both offer on-line studies. I've linked to some of their videos .

One of the dangers of social (physical) distancing is loneliness and depression. Astronaut Chris Hadfield had a few words of advice on the  front. Remember on his first trip into space in 1995 he was the only one aboard and the internet was in its infancy. He knows whereof he speaks. 
Among other things, he suggested picking one new thing to do during your “at home” time, and do it. Learn to play an instrument, for example. Take up whittling and make a statue of your dog. In other words, give a purpose to your day. Give yourself a sense of accomplishment by the time you go to bed.
 Along that line, one of my friends reports that she has cleaned her spice drawer. 😕Small steps. 
I have ambitions for my sewing room but there is a knitting project I must finish first, not to mention this blog.

If you are stuck for a project, might I suggest memorizing a passage of scripture. Do you have a favourite psalm?  The twenty-third is too easy. Pick another. How about Romans 8—that’s a project to occupy several days. Why not report your progress in the comments below? We can have a conversation.

There is still the telephone. Voice-to-voice seems terribly dated in today's world, but it's still a great way to connect on a personal level -- and you don't need worry about someone seeing your messy house.

I remind you that beauty is still open and it's free. The Butchart Gardens is closed, but I saw this lovely tree at the end of my street. 

The owners were happy to let me take a photo. I met their dog too.

Finally, I bring you another picture of my cat. I hope you can hear her purrs. 

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