Monday, March 2, 2020

previous mission trip
Last week I mentioned that the congregation at SPPC has a heart for mission. This week, as though to prove the point, there was a good news about our mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

The financial cost of our team members, i.e. accommodation, and airfare has been covered!    

popular soup sales support missions

A huge Thank You to everyone for supporting our fundraising endeavours! The ongoing soup sales have been a blessing to all of us. The bottle drive has moved us forward. The Silent Auction fundraiser raised over $1200 - thank you for your donations and for attending. Many have made financial donations directly to the team. 
What this means is that any further funds raised can go directly to the purchase of school and medical supplies. 
If you'd like to contribute "in kind," we could use some ‘one way’ suitcases that we will fill with supplies, then leave behind in the Dominican.
Clothing and shoes that are in good repair can also be sent with the mission team.
If you do not attend SPPC but would still like to help out, donations can be dropped off at the church this week. Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. If you need a tax receipt, please include your name and address and telephone number with the donation.
This will be the third time SPPC has participated in a mission trip to the DR. We feel very fortunate for this opportunity to serve.Commissioning of the team members will take place on Sunday, March 8.

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