Monday, December 30, 2013


   Christmas in Victoria is more often green or grey than white, but many of us have fond memories from other parts of the country where bringing in the tree meant a sleigh ride into the bush, reddened faces and numb fingertips.  One of my favourite memories is carolling on Christmas Eve while snow fell softly from a star-studded sky.
   I make it a point to NOT remember being stuck in the ditch, having to use jumper cables to start the car and missing the plane because snow closed the roads!
    One of our members, Lois, is having a typical Canadian Christmas season this year in the Caribou.  She sent these beautiful pictures and this post.  Thank you, Lois, for sharing with your SPPC friends.

Well, my grandson always cuts down the tree off the ranch property, he refuses to give in to an artificial tree.  We always attend the Christmas recital at Aimee's extended family's church in Williams Lake.  
    Christmas Eve is traditionally an ice fishing day, weather permitting, although I don't participate in that!  If someone is energetic and enterprising, and willing to clear the snow from the pond ice, there is skating to participate in.  No snowmobiles on this ranch, it's horses or tractors.
     Christmas Day is gift exchange, attending to the cattle, then horse drawn sleigh rides for all the grandkids prior to turkey dinner, either at Aimee's or Gary's daughters' house in town. 
     Christmas in the Caribou is snowy, cold and traditional!  

Merry Christmas, 

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