Monday, December 9, 2013


By Alice Valdal

If you missed the musical play on Saturday night, you have missed The Christmas Spirit.

It was a wonderful night with a large audience, ready to be pleased.  They laughed at our jokes, applauded our singing and contributed over $505.00 to the collection plate.

We had our own version of the Nutcracker with a beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy and an impish toy soldier.

We had duelling divas -- one rich and one clever.

We had kitchen volunteers to feed the cast before the show and cater to the crowd afterward.

And we had a hard working cast that also included, a school disciplinarian and a rock star wannabe, a giant teddy bear and a little girl who had to give him up.  But the heroes of the story were a grumpy angel and a sulky teenager.  In the end we all learned that "Christmas isn't teddy bears, or gifts beneath the tree.  Christmas Spirit comes from God and dwells in you and me."

I mentioned the generosity of the audience in filling the donation plate.  What makes their gift even greater is the matching formula for "Spread the Net."  Our $505.00 will be matched six times over, meaning that over $3000.00 will go to purchase mosquito nets in Africa, where mosquito-born malaria kills a child every 60 seconds.  Thank you to everyone for catching the Christmas Spirit.

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