Monday, December 2, 2013


by Alice Valdal

This Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013 is the annual Christmas musical presented by the Living Flame Choir - intergenerational version -- at 7:00 pm. This year, the theme of the play is finding the Christmas Spirit in a world obsessed with shopping and eating and entertainment.  
    When I wrote the play, last April, Black Friday sales were the farthest thing from my mind, yet news reports of stabbings and fist-fights and even a shooting over bargain priced goods, make the play more timely than I imagined.

    Next Saturday marks the eighth year we've signaled the Christmas season at SPPC with a musical play.  Little did I think, eight years ago, when we staged "Once Upon a Christmas" that I'd be in this position today.  

 Prior to doing a Christmas play, the Living Flame Choir (children's edition) had put on a short musical in the spring.
 We did "Don't Rock the Ark", "Heroes of the Faith", and "Bones."    The latter was our most ambitious undertaking with images of wheels whirling across the ceiling and a four-headed monster dancing down the aisle.  

   Sadly, our numbers fell off and there were not enough singers to put on another play.  
  The few children that remained were very disappointed.   "But it's our turn!" wailed one, with a very long face. And so the Christmas Play, with an intergenerational cast was born.  A one off, thought I.

Our shows have included a Russian cobbler and his shrewish wife, a legendary set of chimes, travellers lost in Israel on Christmas Eve, an impatient congregation so determined to put on a "perfect" Christmas Eve service that they forget who the service is for.

We've followed a camel on a long journey from the East and we've dealt with a grumpy old man who refused to put up his Christmas lights.


This year we have a sulky teenager and a cranky angel.  
Should be fun. 
 Join us.  Admission is free and we give you cookies and coffee afterward.

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