Monday, February 22, 2021

Give up winter for Lent?

Wouldn't you know, our latest blast of winter happened over a weekend. Last Sunday the shovellers were out early clearing a path into the parking lot for the few people needed to run our livestreamed service. 

On Tuesday Tore was clearing snow preparatory to Wednesday's in-person session meeting and was joined by one of the Tai Chi ladies and later by a cyclist who'd parked in our lot before taking her ride. Nice to have the help and nice to connect with our neighbours -- even if it is shovelling snow.

Snow hasn't stopped the bottle collection at SPPC. If you have empties to donate, call Joan (250 656-6130) and she'll come and pick them up for you. Proceeds go to our mission in the Dominican Republic.


Painting by Marianna Rosetto SAH

  Time to add a new skill to your     repertoire.  Rev. Irwin has set up a   zoom room where we can all meet at   9:00 am every weekday morning through Lent. The link was sent to everyone in the weekly mail out, but, if you lost it or never got it, you can call the office to have it re-sent.

The devotional we are using is one prepared by St. Andrew's Hall in Vancouver. The pdf for it is available here so, even if you don't "zoom," you can read the devotional for yourself.

It's not the same as our normal Bible Study--you have to make your own coffee for one thing, and there is no pre-study chat time. However, Irwin has offered to leave the room open for a while after the devotional if we want to "talk among ourselves." On Thursday we talked about "waiting for the Lord" and "waiting for the pandemic to end." 

  The discussion was short but left me with lots to think about. e.g. what are we doing with our waiting time? The Israelites wandered in the wilderness to prepare to enter the Promised Land. As we wander in the pandemic, how can each of us prepare for a return to church?

  I've missed all my Bible Study friends as well as the rest of the congregation. Even waving to you on screen would lift my heart. If you haven't already given it a try, please join in any morning you are able. 

  While we wait, here's a hopeful image. Thanks to Linda's gardening work last summer, Tore found this determined daffodil poking through the snow in the church's front garden. Brighter days will come.

Our most recent livestreamed service is here:

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