Monday, February 15, 2021

Heart to Heart

 Happy Valentine's!  

The Times-Colonist has been printing heart flags over the past months as a way to say thank you to front line workers. The most recent issue inspired Tore to put a red heart on our building. The logo can be read as "thank you" or "happy Valentine's" or "love." Whatever interpretation you use, it's a cheerful sign in the midst of our snowstorm. 

Update on the soup sale: We received around
fifty orders for soup. Joan got out ahead of the snow and made all the deliveries. There are a few servings left so you can still purchase some for yourself. (Call Joan 250 656-6130) Proceeds go to the Session Discretionary Fund. 

Noel's eye treatment has been so successful he is driving his car again.

Happy Birthday to Patricia Lawson-Gaw who turns 90 today. Thanks to Joan and Darlene, Patricia received a cake from SPPC. No party, I'm afraid. By the time we meet again in person we'll need a dozen cakes to catch up with all the celebrations we've missed this year.

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